Building — January 17, 2011

A new subway line is under construction next to my apartment. The neighbors hate it – but I love it. Seeing heavy machinery rip up the earth is about the most exhilarating and fascinating thing I can imagine.

A few weeks ago, massive trucks wheeled in a strange looking digging machine that must be 15m in length. I wanted to share a few pictures… and see if anyone knew more about it.

Like an earth-eating monster plucked from a four-year-old’s nightmare, sharp teeth and hydraulics force huge shoveling arms deep into the ground extracting its soil.

Construction doesn’t seem to follow normal business hours in Asia. They’ve been running this machine 24-hours a day, rain or shine, even on Sundays, until they reach a depth of what appears to be about 100m.

At that point, dozens of welders begin work on a rebar structure. Once complete, it’s placed into the trench by the tallest crane I’ve ever seen. Dump-trucks of rock and cement then arrive to fill in the trench. And the process repeats.

They’re making these about every 20m up and down the street.

If anyone has more information on this digger, please let me know. I’m quite curious.

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  1. maybe its peirs for a raised track or road structure

    Comment by brian — January 26, 2011 @ 2:44 pm

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