Nature — April 29, 2008

I must never forget to pay attention to the small things…


…nature is always smiling.


Nature — April 6, 2008

While eating lunch today I noticed myself in a trance, mesmerized by the leaves of an urban tree blowing in the wind.


Relaxation breathed through my fatigued body. For months now, I’ve been in a state of growing frustration over the complexity of my latest undertaking. Ideas have more or less stopped in my head. Each night I still dream. Occupied only with the same tasks I struggle with during the day. Day after day.

Openness, to me, means interchangeability, interlinkedness, fluidity, continuity. Nature is open. Nature can generate leaves with infinite variations blowing in the wind.

I’m beginning to feel inspired again. With a new dream; to mass produce something that is open. One simple idea reproduced in infinite interlinked variations. Like nature.

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